Status Updates

By Simon Woods

This is the update feed for changes made on a live basis to TIL, the unofficial Micro.blog companion.

Included here are fixes that will not be listed in update news on the main website.


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Orchid: Names, the past, and the future.

  • New name: Today I Learned -> TIL
  • New tag line: "The unofficial Micro.blog companion".
  • New domain: today-i-learned.net -> til.tips
  • New banner.
  • New, limited icon.
  • New page: Contact.
  • About page: new links, my philosophy, my sharing policy, improved organisation, and improved language.
  • Credits page: new items, improved design.
  • Funding page: several minor edits.
  • Buy Me a Coffee: Wishlist, compatibility edits, and a new post.
  • Updates converted to an archive: updates.micro.blog
  • New newsletter: til.tips/bts

You can find all of the details in the announcement: https://til.tips/orchid

5 months ago
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